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Dragon 7053 U.S.S. Arizona (BB-39) ~ Premium Edition Kit

Dragon 7053 U.S.S. Arizona (BB-39) ~ Premium Edition KitИзготовлениеDragon
Код продуктаDragon 7053

Dragon 7053 U.S.S. Arizona (BB-39) ~ Premium Edition Kit

КатегорияHome > Сборные модели > Корабли & подводные лодки > Маштаб 1:700
Дата добавления27/05/2011
Продажная цена€ 24.00

Dragon 7053 U.S.S. Arizona (BB-39) ~ Premium Edition Kit

1/700 U.S.S. Arizona (BB-39) ~ Premium Edition Kit

With this premium edition release we are revisiting a classic Dragon title. As befitting this famous warship, we have added numerous enhancements and modifications. These include newly tooled plastic parts for the bridge and gun turrets, completely new lower hull and much more!

Main Features:
- Newly tooled lower hull with accurate dimensions
- Bridge and crane parts retooled to give greater detail
- 14-inch gun turrets retooled in plastic for easier construction
- Slide-molded barrels for the dozen 14-inch guns
- Onboard lifeboats rendered with fine detail
- New plastic parts for the bridge and gun turrets
- Photo-etched parts
- Decals by Cartograf
- New box art illustration
- Includes a display stand

About this new series:
What are Dragon Premium Edition Kits?
Premium Edition kits strike an optimum balance between technology and value for the money, often with the reuse and revival of existing Dragon Models. New technology is added to create new molds and more accurate parts, and these elements are combined to produce a greatly improved kit. Premium Edition kits are complete in every sense and offer modellers a chance to extend their families of model vehicles.

About the U.S.S. Arizona:
The USS Arizona (BB-39) was a Pennsylvania-class battleship of the United States Navy. The vessel was the third to be named in honor of the 48th state, though the first since its statehood was actually achieved. She was commissioned in 1916 and saw action in World War I. The USS Arizona is best known for her catastrophic sinking, with the loss of 1,177 lives, during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, the event that brought about U.S. involvement in World War II. The wreck was not salvaged, but continues to lie at the floor of the harbor. It is the site of a memorial to those who perished on that day.

Dragon 7053 U.S.S. Arizona (BB-39) ~ Premium Edition Kit


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