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Kyosho 30879 1/9 EP 4WD r/s DRX VE SUBARU IMPREZA WRC RC Aвтомобили

Kyosho 30879 1/9 EP 4WD r/s DRX VE SUBARU IMPREZA WRC RC AвтомобилиИзготовлениеKyosho
Код продуктаKyosho 30879

Kyosho 30879 1/9 EP 4WD r/s DRX VE SUBARU IMPREZA WRC RC Aвтомобили

КатегорияHome > Rc Aвтомобили > Маштаб 1:9
Дата добавления19/09/2013
Продажная цена€ 350.00

Kyosho 30879 1/9 EP 4WD r/s DRX VE SUBARU IMPREZA WRC RC Aвтомобили

Length: 560 mm Width: 260 mm Height: 187 mm track ( front / rear ) : 215 mm Wheelbase: 316 mm tires ( front / rear ) : 93x38 mm Weight: 2,600 g; Engine: Vortex 10 BL 2400 kV; controller: Vortex R10 Sport , gear ratio: 8,86:1 ; remote control system : KYOSHO Perfex KT -200

Vortex 10
Type: sensorless ; Specific speed (KV ) : 2400 U / min / V; Shaft: Ø 3.17 mm, max . Speed ​​: 28,000 rev / min, length : 77 mm ;

Regulator Vortex R10 Sport
Type: sensorless ; cells: 2- 3s LiPo / NiMHh 7.2-8.4 V; BEC : 6.0 V / 3.0 A; continuous load : 60 A, peak load : 290 A

RC functions
Gas / brake, steering

DRX VE - Electrify Your Experience ... Rally ! KYOSHO 's latest attack on the 1:9 4WD rally scene steals your breath away ! The sensorless Team Orion Vortex brushless system is a real propellant and gives the cars drive powers in never -before-seen form . Here, the performance can be very sensitive and metered directly . In this racing car , the experience of eight world titles in offroad area infected. Maximum performance on different slopes was the highest principle for the development of this new rally car. What resulted is a true basement , with a monstrously powerful performance in an attractive design ReadySet - we call it DRX VE ... !

The DRX VE is supplied as ReadySet with the new 2.4GHz Syncro KT -200 remote control system . The heart of the DRX VE is the Team Orion Vortex Brushless unit that also lends its name to the model. The Team Orion Vortex motor 10 is equipped with a 3.17 mm shaft and features fine ribbing for perfect heat dissipation . The 2,400 - KV motor is sensorless and delivers a maximum speed of 28,000 rev / min. The motor is controlled by the brand new Team Orion Vortex R10 Sport regulator, which has been designed especially for models in scale 1/10. The controller features a generously-sized fan which is permanently active during the driving operation . So undesirable temperature peaks on the electronic components can be effectively avoided . The Vortex R10 Sport controller has the function forward - Brakes - rear and an automatic detection of the number of cells with low voltage shutdown to protect the LiPo cells and can use the optional Setting Box R (# ORI65150 ) can be programmed individually .

The chassis is milled from high-grade aluminum and forms the basis for this torsion racer. Front and rear axle have a completely newly developed layout and provide the necessary mechanical traction to bring the power of the Vortex drive to the slopes. The front and rear axles are built exactly the same - a clear plus for ease of service .The Pivot ball suspension at the front and rear axle come out of the competition area and allow adjustment of the camber without removing the wheels .

Another feature of DRX VE has BigSize large-volume oil - pressure shock absorbers, which are already successfully used in Inferno GT . Especially on holey routes and long jumps , these dampers significant benefits. The spring preload is adjustable via knurled nuts with fine thread .

The all-wheel drive train is mounted on ball bearings and has three differential gears, which ensure a uniform distribution of power to all four wheels . The DRX VE also has a new radio box that is specially sealed and the high-quality electronic components protects against dirt and moisture.

The high-grip rally tires on the front and rear axles have the same dimensions. They offer perfect grip on any terrain. The wheel hub fit for all standard 1:9 offroad wheels.

A real highlight is the curb mounted Synchro KT -200 remote control system with the KS -201 high-performance servo . The servo comes with extra fast response times and high holding torques . So your commands are implemented under the harshest conditions in the 1:1 model.

The body emerges fully painted and glued to the packaging. All details are reproduced beautifully and give the DRX VE a perfect race look! Thus, the DRX Rally Racer is the perfect choice for RC pilots who are looking for both OnRoad OffRoad as well as the challenge!

• OffRoad 4WD Rally Racer with Team Orion LiPo brushless motor
• ReadySet with KYOSHO Perfex 2.4GHz KT -200 Synchronous remote control system
• Team Orion Vortex 10 Hi Power Brushless Motor 2400 KV
• CNC-machined motor mount for easy maintenance
• High - Response High -KS -201 servo with aluminum housing
• Team Orion Vortex R10 Sport Regulator
• Designed for Team Orion LiPo Rocket Packs & LiPo packs molecular
• Permanent operation of the fan controller
• Overload protection
• Super Deans (Super Plug ) Gold plug-in system
• high power servo for steering
• Permanent , full ball bearing wheel drive
• Pivot ball suspension and front and rear axle
• BigSize oil shocks
• high-grip rally tires
• Water-resistant , sealed radio box

Required accessories
• 2s LiPo Rocket Pack 7.4 V/2.400-4.000 mAh
• Molecular LiPo 2s 7.4 V/4.600-5.400 mAh
• Advantage Clubman LiPo charger
• 4x AA battery

Kyosho 30879 1/9 EP 4WD r/s DRX VE SUBARU IMPREZA WRC RC AвтомобилиKyosho 30879 1/9 EP 4WD r/s DRX VE SUBARU IMPREZA WRC RC AвтомобилиKyosho 30879 1/9 EP 4WD r/s DRX VE SUBARU IMPREZA WRC RC AвтомобилиKyosho 30879 1/9 EP 4WD r/s DRX VE SUBARU IMPREZA WRC RC Aвтомобили
Kyosho 30879 1/9 EP 4WD r/s DRX VE SUBARU IMPREZA WRC RC AвтомобилиKyosho 30879 1/9 EP 4WD r/s DRX VE SUBARU IMPREZA WRC RC Aвтомобили


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