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Revell 7497 Kenworth W-900

Revell 7497 Kenworth W-900ИзготовлениеRevell
Код продуктаRevell 7497

Revell 7497 Kenworth W-900

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Дата добавления31/05/2011
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Revell 7497 Kenworth W-900

1/25 Kenworth W-900 Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-7497

Skill level: 5
Scale: 1:25
Length: 324 mm
Parts: 231

It was not without justification that, in the early 1990s the Kenworth truck manufacturers based in Kirkland, Washington (the name being composed from the names of the founders Harry Kent and Edgar Worthington) described their products as the best Conventional in the world. This American super-truck offers remarkably robust construction of chassis and superstructure, much striking chrome, expensive internal fittings and a very comfortable interior. Features such as air conditioning, refrigerator, the radio and TV that are now almost obligatory in the roomy cab, guarantee a pleasant life for the driver who for weeks on end has to call his truck home. Its durable, powerful 270 to 450 bhp engines provide speedy freight transport over many thousands of miles. For years Kenworth were the most expensive trucks in the United States, because Kenworth expended more time and effort on the construction of their trucks than any other manufacturer, as is apparent from the W-900. Kenworth trucks are still known for their reliability, quality, efficiency and long service life.

- Multi-part frame
- Detailed three-axle chassis
- Multi-part 8 cylinder Caterpillar engine
- Bonnet that raises
- Driver's cab with detailed dashboard and seats
- Multi-part driver's cab and sleeping compartment
- Rotating wheels
- Many chrome parts including wheel rims and tanks
- 10 tyres
- Multiple decals with US markings

Revell 7497 Kenworth W-900


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