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Revell 7498 Bussing 8000S 13

Revell 7498 Bussing 8000S 13ИзготовлениеRevell
Код продуктаRevell 7498

Revell 7498 Bussing 8000S 13

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Дата добавления18/05/2011
Продажная цена€ 43.00

Revell 7498 Bussing 8000S 13

1/24 Bussing 8000S 13 Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-7498

Skill level: 5
Scale: 1:24
Length: 373 mm
Parts: 303

During the 50s tremendous effort, vigour and energy was invested in the reconstruction of the Federal Republic of Germany. Great progress was also made in the development of the motor industry, particularly in the field of commercial vehicles. These were the years of the mighty heavy-duty lorries with their long bonnets, but they were underpowered and recognizable by the characteristic harsh noise of their four stroke diesel engines. In addition to Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Krupp, Magirus-Deutz, Henschel, Kaelble and Faun the B�ssing 8000 S13 was one of the best known and most imposing lorries of the period. Heinrich B�ssing, born in Nordsteimke close to Wolfsburg in 1843, built his first lorry in 1903. In 1952 the updated B�ssing 8000 S13 was presented to the public. The S13 was now powered by a 180 hp six-cylinder diesel engine, the "S" standing for vertically mounted engine and the "13" for 13 litre total displacement. Although over time a variety of superstructures were made for the B�ssing 8000, it was the tarpaulin covered flatbed truck that was the most familiar.
Even before the Second World War the Schenker & Co transportation company, founded in Vienna in 1872 had concentrated on the areas of express services, inter-regional transport and removals and exhibition transport. As the largest German haulage company of the "thirties" the company had then, as also today numerous branches including Braunschweig, whose fleet of vehicles in the late fifties included a number of Bussing 8000 S3's.

- Faithfully reproduced and accurately detailed chassis
- Realistic reproduction of the S13, 6 cylinder diesel engine
- Moving front wheels and fully functional Knorr auxiliary steering
- Opening flaps on both sides of the bonnet
- Detailed drivers cab with bunk (Swallows nest)
- Realistic reproduction of the sub frame under the flatbed
- Removable mirrors, planks and tarpaulin stanchions
- Removable detailed tarpaulin with multiple folds
- Seven tyres designed in the "fifties"
- Many highly detailed chromium parts
- Decals with Bussing emblem and "Schenker Spedition" markings

Revell 7498 Bussing 8000S 13


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