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Revell 7650 Omnibus Neoplan VIP Class Cityliner N1216HD

Revell 7650 Omnibus Neoplan VIP Class Cityliner N1216HDИзготовлениеRevell
Код продуктаRevell 7650

Revell 7650 Omnibus Neoplan VIP Class Cityliner N1216HD

КатегорияHome > Сборные модели > Aвтомобили > Маштаб 1:24
Дата добавления18/05/2011
Продажная цена€ 85.00

Revell 7650 Omnibus Neoplan VIP Class Cityliner N1216HD

1/24 Omnibus Neoplan VIP Class Cityliner N1216HD Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-7650

Skill level: 5
Scale: 1:24
Length: 510 mm
Height: 153 mm
Parts: 192

In September 2006, thirty-five years after the appearance of the original model, the classic brand Neoplan launched a completely redeveloped version of the Cityliner at the IAA Commercial Vehicles. Futuristic, harmonious, distinctive, provocative - this premium class high-decker is characterised by its sharp-cut design which still incorporates the classic design elements of its predecessor. In addition to its attractive exterior, the flagship of the Neoplan Group has also been furnished with an elegant interior. The spacious, light passenger compartment together with the large side windows that are tinted from the outside allow up to 55 passengers to enjoy the landscape as it passes by. A pleasant climate is provided by a roof-mounted air conditioning system at the rear. Wide doors and steps ensure ease of entry and exit, a fully fitted galley unit is available and a roomy onboard toilet compartment can be accessed at all times. The cockpit design is extraordinarily ergonomic and offers the driver excellent functionality. Equipped for the highest comfort and fitted with innovative technology and safety features, the pulling power of this 18,000 kg vehicle is guaranteed under all conditions by the 400 or 440 hp 6-cylinder common rail Diesel engine. Through modern modular construction and the patented tube-in-tube reinforcement a high degree of both ride stability and passenger comfort are achieved. Since 1971, more than 7,000 Cityliners have been sold world-wide.

Revell 7650 Omnibus Neoplan VIP Class Cityliner N1216HD


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