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Tamiya 24212 Lotus Europa Special

Tamiya 24212 Lotus Europa SpecialИзготовлениеTamiya
Код продуктаTamiya 24212

Tamiya 24212 Lotus Europa Special

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Дата добавления26/05/2011
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Tamiya 24212 Lotus Europa Special

About the Lotus Europa Special

Founder of Lotus Cars, Colin Chapman was searching for a replacement for the Lotus Seven in the early sixties. In 1966, adopting the development concept of "an affordable sports car with a base suitable for racing", Lotus brought out the Europa.

The Europa's most distinctive features are its unbelievably low body and its mid-ship mounted engine, which at that time was found only on racing cars. As its name implies, and since it was to be released first in Europe, principally France, the Europa was equipped with an engine and gearbox supplied by Renault 16. It incorporates a box section Y-shaped backbone frame, which was refined on the Elan, and a polyester body, which contributes to weight savings. A stabilizer mounted double wishbone system comprises the front suspension, and a box constructed radius arm with a left/right independent lower link makes up the rear. The lightweight body and excellent balance from the mid-ship allows for world class cornering.

After the lotus Europa Series 1, powerful engines were added and various refinements were made to its successors: Europa Series 2, Europa Twim Cam, and the last version, released in 1972, the Europa Special. The Special features a "big valve" 126hp 1558cc four cylinder DOHC engine, a five speed transmission and alloy wheels. Lover of sports cars and renowed "idea man", Colin Chapman created this lightweight sports car masterpiece, the Lotus Europa.

Tamiya 24212 Lotus Europa SpecialTamiya 24212 Lotus Europa SpecialTamiya 24212 Lotus Europa SpecialTamiya 24212 Lotus Europa Special
Tamiya 24212 Lotus Europa SpecialTamiya 24212 Lotus Europa SpecialTamiya 24212 Lotus Europa Special


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